What Is Trace And Access Leak Detection?

When it comes to leaks in your home, they can begin as mere inconveniences that later morph into major problems. First, you start noticing that there is a change in your water pressure or your central heating doesn’t work as efficiently as it used to.

Before you realize it, mould has started growing on your walls, or some unsightly patches start appearing on walls and ceilings. Other times, water starts seeping off your pavement or swimming pool. Whatever the case, the good news is that ADI Leak Detection is your professional, caring, and reliable partner for all your internal and external leak detection needs.

Here are a few signs that you might have a leak in your home;

  • If all the taps on your property are closed, but your water meter is still spinning, then you might have a leak. Even If there is no visible water spillage, then it might mean that you have a leak below ground.Leaking Shown By Water Meter Spinning
  • Are your water bills abnormally high and your water usage hasn’t increased? Then you might have a leak on your water mains, or you may have an internal leak
  • If your boiler is losing pressure, then you might have a hidden water leak that requires detection and repair.
  • Has your heating stopped working and you can’t tell why? Check the boiler pressure, and if the gauge is under 1 bar, then its possible your heating system is losing pressure due to a water leak
  • Have you noticed the level of your pool water dropping? If so, you might have a leak in your swimming pool
  • If your filtration system is pulling in air, then there could be a water leak somewhere in the system

In any of these scenarios, the leak could be in any location. It could be anywhere in the plumbing or could be underground and you a company that can detect these leaks non intrusively.

What does this mean?

Water leaks can lead to damage to your home and property and over time, can lead to expensive repairs to your pipes, walls, and floors, which can be avoided by early detection and repair.

With a water mains leak, you could pay much more on your water bill than expected and having this fixed could save you money in the long run.

Central heating system leaks lead to inefficient heating or can lead to a breakdown in your heating system when you need it most.

The Original Trace & Access Water Leak Detection CompanyWhy work with us?

At ADI Leak Detection, we offer a unique leak detection service in that we can find the source of a leak without damaging or digging up your property.

We have a team of engineers and experts who can detect leaks quickly and cost-effectively without damaging your floors, walls, ceiling, or unnecessarily digging up your garden.

We believe we offer the most reliable and affordable leak detection and repair service in the UK.

We also give comprehensive reports for insurance claims.

How will I pay for your services?

You are right to be a bit worried about the cost of all this, after all no one wants to spend loads of money on repairs if they can have it covered. You’ll be pleased to know that your Home Insurance could cover this cost. The term is ‘Trace and Access’, and if you have this on your policy, then your home insurance company can reimburse you for the cost of the services we provide.

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