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What Happens When You Don’t Fix A Leak

If there’s any one theme that occurs over and over again with people who have suffered the massive expense of a major water damage incident then it’s “It can’t happen to us”. It’s almost like simply believing that it won’t happen means that your home is invulnerable when it comes to any form of accidental or weather related damage.

But what can really happen if you do suffer from a water leak that’s not repaired in good time?

  • Actual structural damage to your property – cosmetic damage is only the symptom and not the real problem now.
  • Massively increased cost of repair as the damage has spread to potentially the entire house/property.
  • Extensive repairs required to flooring, walls and ceilings and of course carpets and rugs will need to be totally replaced.
  • Personal items like furniture, artwork and clothing destroyed.
  • Health risk from mold and mildew which can cause or exacerbate respiratory conditions (such as asthma).
  • Your lifestyle will be completely halted and/or altered due to the nature of these incidents.
  • Additional expense of having to rent accommodation while your own property is made habitable again.
  • You can expect your insurance premiums to increase by upwards of 25% after a major, and preventable, water damage incident.
  • Or to put it simply you’ve now facing an absolute nightmare situation instead of just a minor annoyance.

If you have even the smallest suspicion that you have a water leak then you need to take action right now. They say prevention is better than cure but when it comes to a water leak it’s really more like “Prevention can save you at least £7,500 in water damage costs” because that’s the absolute minimum you can expect to fork out on a water damage repair bill.

That’s unless of course you’re also including the invaluable personal items like family photo albums, clothing and other heirlooms that could be destroyed and all for the sake of a single phone call to ADI leak detection – > 08007313843