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What Exactly Are Snake Cameras?

You’re probably seen these devices any number of times but didn’t know what their name was. Surprisingly enough they look exactly as they sound – like a small snake. If you’re ever seen a spy movie or one those hostage rescue type movies then you’ll have seen SWAT teams or heroes of some kind using a flexible camera about the width of a pencil to spy on the bad guys. These cameras can be bent into any shape needed and because they’re so small they’re ideal for surveillance purposes – all you need is literally a pinhole in a wall.

A snake camera can also be fed through grates or wire mesh so they can reach places that conventional cameras simply wouldn’t have a hope of reaching. From a leak detection point of view this means that ADI engineers can work in even the most awkward of places even if they’re in the pitch dark – snake cameras can be fitted with LED lights so that even if we’re surveying any kind of pipes we can still get a crystal clear image thanks to the lighting attachment on the camera.

So while our thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors can tell us where in a room the moisture problem exists the snake camera can then be sent in to examine the problem in close-up so we can see the details of the problem with your pipe and thus eliminate any room for guesswork in finding out exactly what’s wrong in your home or business.

Snake cameras are just a small part of the sophisticated array of gas leak detection equipment that our engineers can utilize during any single central heating leak detection investigation and it’s this whole package of equipment that allows us to do our jobs so well.