Cause of swimming Pool Leak FoundHave you ever looked at your swimming pool and had that strange feel that something is not right? The water level appears lower than you left it yesterday, the pavement and grass near the pool looks wet and saturated?

Well, you aren’t alone; hundreds of homeowners across the UK have to contend with leaking swimming pools each year. The tricky thing with leaking swimming pools is that more often than not, the leaks are hidden and hard to detect.

You could start of using our swimming pool leak detection calculator to calculate how much water your pool is losing, which will then help guide us and yourselves to start looking in the right areas of your pool.

Before you start fretting and looking for a professional, it makes sense to acquaint yourself with the 3 major causes of swimming pool leaks here in the UK;



What do you do when you notice that your swimming pool is leaking?

Like we said, most swimming pool leaks are hidden and hard to detect. You’d have to call in a professional to come and identify the leak.

Here at ADI we have a range specialized & bespoke swimming pool leak detection equipment like acoustic listening devices, precise water loss meters, to mention a few.

With such equipment, hidden leaks are identified in an accurate, non invasive manner. Here at ADI leak Detection we’ve distinguished ourselves as the leading water leak detection company across the UK.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

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