If you suspect a leak somewhere in your home, it is easy for your mind to go straight to panic; visions of hefty bills, invasive investigations, and plenty of mess are hard to ignore. This does not have to be the case however, as long as you have the right team on hand. Here at ADI Leak Detection, we have a wealth of experience in tracking down leaks right to the source, and providing a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution. Our process is simple, our team well trained, and our number one focus on getting you up and running again as quickly as possible.

What Are The Signs Of A Water Leak?

There are a few suspect signs which may point to a leak in your home, and move you to get in touch with our team. Some of the most common suggestions that further investigation is needed include:

The most obvious sign that something is wrong tends to be sky-high water bills, above and beyond normal usage. Chances are that you will quickly get used to your bills – a sudden, unexplained spike could indicate a leaking pipe.

A good way to check this is to turn off the water, and keep an eye on the water meter – if it continues to run when the water is turned off, chances are high that you have a leak.

Left untreated, water leaks will soon allow mould and mildew to develop, and this is a clear sign that something is wrong. If you spot a new patch of damp, mould or mildew, get in touch and let us take a look

In addition to visual clues, the smell may also alert you to a potential problem. As mould and mildew develop, they will bring with them a stale, musty smell. This can also be caused when water is left sitting in one place and begins to stagnate – the smell here will be quite distinctive, and pervade the entire area

As well as mould patches, you may also start to notice stains on your walls, floors and ceilings. In some cases, this forms as a distinctive water mark, while others may appear as a faint line, or even a wet spot in your home. Any unexplained puddles or patches of water outside the house should also be checked out, as they may indicate a problem with the mains pipe.

It is normal for houses to develop hairline cracks over time, and in the majority of cases these are not a cause for concern. You may, however, notice brand new damage, or an existing crack which appears to be increasing in size. These can be signs that the foundations are starting to become damaged, and you should give our team a call as soon as possible; left untreated this could result in serious damage – as well as a hefty repair bill.

How Do We Work?

Our experienced team of leak detection engineers have a range of diagnostic tools and techniques to help us track down the source of leaks. This includes thermal imaging, tracer gases and acoustic listening devices, offering a clear overview of the potential problems.

When carrying out a leak detection, our expert plumbers will carry out a range of tests and checks, and this requires having access to specific areas of your building. This helps to speed up the process, and allows us to get the job done in no time.

If you have called us to a suspected leak, we will need to access the following to complete our investigation:

What Areas Do We Need Access To In Order To Carry Out The Leak Detection Service?

Leaks can be deceptive, and it is not uncommon for a source to be discovered miles away from the actual symptom. In most cases, the distance is not this extreme, but a leak in the kitchen could nonetheless be due to a pipe problem in the bedroom, especially if they run along the same line.

To help us get to the source of the issue, we will need access to all rooms and radiators in a building, even those usually blocked by furniture, or which are tricky to access. This allows us to conduct a thorough, comprehensive search and gain a good overview of the entire situation.

In a similar manner, we will also need access to the flat directly above and below the affected home if you live in an apartment building. Once again, the source of the issue may not be immediately apparent, and we will need complete access to isolate the cause. In some cases, it may be obvious that the issue is coming from above, but leaks have a habit of being deceptive.

In the event of a water mains leak, for example on a caravan park, farm or other large site, we will also need access to any outbuildings which allow us to turn the mains water on and off throughout the duration of our investigation – this is important to help us narrow down the affected area in a large space, and find a resolution as rapidly as possible. It is also important that any stopcock is fully operational and accessible, not blocked by debris or furniture.

As well as having full access to the spaces described above, it is also important that our team can access clear floor space. This allows us to employ thermal imaging to trace the pipework, and use the technology to identify any hot spots which could point to a leak.

Roof Leak Detection

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide roof leak detection services as we are plumbing and heating engineers and focus on what we know best, ensuring the highest level of service to you as our client.

Get In Touch For The Best Leak Detection Service

If you suspect a leak in your home, get in touch with the team at ADI today by calling 0800 731 3843.

Our qualified, reliable plumbers will identify the source of your issue quickly and effectively, offering a long lasting, cost effective solution which ensures that your house is back in tip-top shape and running smoothly in no time.