Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey was founded in 1960, which is around 1061 years ago. It is a large and majestic building that’s located in the city of Westminster, London. It is a church but doesn’t operate as a regular church. Standing at 225 feet tall, Westminster Abbey holds heritage of a lot of powerful people in England.

History of Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey, London was rebuilt in gothic style in the 13th century. It is very attractive and was known as the house of kings till 1760. The church was consecrated on 28th Dec 1065. It was re-founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1560 as collegiate church of saint peter in Westminster. That is its formal name. It is a burial site for monarchs and a place to host royal events among other functions. It has ten bells and two towers.

Major Attractions

  • It has ten bells. The church has ten active bells that are rang during and after services. It’s an enough attraction in my opinion.
  • Its gothic style is an attraction to many. People come to admire the beautiful architecture of the abbey. Its beauty is breathtaking.
  • The two towers of the abbey also serve as an attraction for people. The towers on the Abbey are an attraction and are beautiful standing tall.
  • The burial ground for monarchs are a site to see. Even if graveyards are not good sites to see, the numerous number of them found here, are something anyone would want to see. Mainly because it’s because it’s prestigious and influential people buried there.
  • A gallery full of art. Pictures of the history of the Westminster abbey, London are all over the walls. People come here to admire them and even get pictures of themselves taken here.
  • It is a place where royal weddings are held. The big shot weddings are held in this place making it a nice attraction for people in and out of London. Its numerous size makes this possible too.
  • Its large size is an enough attraction for everyone. The large size makes it able to hold a large capacity of people at the same time.


  • The abbey is a place for holding coronation ceremonies. This has been happening since time immemorial and makes the abbey famous for such events.
  • It is a religious building and holds religious events. Church services and communion taking services happen in the Westminster abbey, London.
  • It is a burial site for English and Britain Monarchs. More than 3,300 influential names have been buried there and their legacies live on.
  • It has held royal weddings. Royals have had their weddings in the abbey. Kate Middleton and Prince William had their wedding in the abbey in April 29, 2011.
  • It is a place for commemorating kings and queens who have passed away, or serving royals.
  • Poets go to the abbey to perform their pieces.

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