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We Find and Fix Plumbing Leaks Fast!

When you fall fowl of any kind of plumbing leaks in your home, you need it fixed fast. Whilst you are waiting for plumbing leaks to be fixed your mains water supply should be switched off. This means no water to drink or cook with, no water to shower or bathe in and no water to flush your toilet. What could be more awkward? So here at ADI we always make getting your plumbing leaks fixed as quickly as possible a priority.

One of the ways in which we excel in fixing plumbing leaks quickly is that all of our technicians are not only fully trained in leak detection, they are also qualified plumbers. Why is this important? Simply because it means one visit to both locate and fix the leak. No waiting for a plumber to call once the central heating leak has been detected. Once call, one visit and one price. The cost of having an ADI technician visit includes both the detection of plumbing leaks, and the actual fixing of the leaks, unless major work is required.

So next time you fall fowl of a burst pipe, a dripping radiator or a leaking toilet, don’t delay! Call ADI on 0800 731 3343 to have your plumbing leaks fixed FAST!

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