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WC Leaks May Need Expert Attention to Avoid Extra Damage

If you notice constant water on your bathroom floor, it may be related to WC leaks.  Water from WC leaks is usually not sewage, but having toilet water on the floor is never a pleasant experience.  Not only is a constant gas leak difficult to keep up with, but it raises the utility bills and promotes the growth of mildew and mold.  Combating mold and mildew is difficult enough in the moist environment of a bathroom, adding a central heating leak into the picture only makes things more difficult.

Not all WC leaks are obvious and easy to fix.  Depending on the cause and placement of the leak it may not be something that an untrained person can fix without possibly causing more damage.

ADI experts are able to locate the leak, the cause and repair the problem.  A leaky seal is usually only the culprit if the toilet rocks or sways.  However, that symptom is not always present.  If the water on the floor does happen to be sewage, then home owners should not attempt to fix it.  Only trained professionals are up to date on the safety regulations regarding the safe handling and clean up of hazardous materials.  If you have a leak in your bathroom, call ADI the gas leak detection & plumbing experts on 0800 731 8343.