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Water Leaks Underground are Difficult to Find and Fix

The most difficult plumbing issues to diagnose and repair are water leaks underground.  Leaky pipes in the home are often accompanied by a wet or damp spot near the leak.  Even if the water does not present until the basement level, it can be a simple matter to locate the leak.  You can turn off the water, drain the pipes and connect a smoke machine.  The smoke will make its way out of the leaky pipe and show exactly where the problem area is.  With water leaks underground, there is no way to see where the smoke is coming out.  In those instances you need access to better equipment to properly locate the pipe leak.

At ADI, our leak detection specialists are equipped with a range of state of the art equipment that can locate the source of the leak to within 5cm, without digging any holes or cutting through any concrete.  Non-invasive diagnostic tools allow our experts to quickly find the source and recommend repair options.  When you deal with traditional plumbing services, you can wind up with a gaping hole where the lawn used to be.  Contact us on 0800 731 8343 to discuss your service needs with one of our gas leak detection experts.  We can inspect your premises and generally perform the repairs needed as part of the inspection fee.