Did You Know That Your Water Leak Could Be Costing You Thousands Of Pounds Per Year….And Also Be A Health Risk?


Did we just say that a water leak could be costing you money? Surely it’s just a case of an annoying leak and nothing else? Well that would be the case unless you’re using metered water, in which case you’re literally throwing a lot of hard earned money, in short supply during a recession, down the drain. Surely you’ve noticed that your water bill seems to be creeping up all the time?

ADI Leak Detection have been providing our national water leak detection service in counties all over the United Kingdom for 10 years now and in that time we’ve met and worked with customers from all walks of life – including tenants, landlords and business owners.

We’ve seen how much money an undetected and untreated water leak can cost and how much damage it can cause.

We also know how important it is to detect leaks early in the most non-invasive way possible.

Reasons why you can’t just ignore water leaks or suspected water leaks:

If your water meter is running 24/7 then your water bill is going to be sky high, and all for the sake of having a simple leak found and fixed

Ongoing water damage to wooden joists or floorboards in your home can eventually lead to serious structural problems

More Leaks
Your plumbing system is a very finely tuned machine – leaks in one part of your home can cause overpressures in another and this causes even more leaks

Fungal Growth
If you have water leaks in your attic, behind walls or under floors this can use the growth and spread of various types of fungus, which in turn can cause health problems

The four types of leak detection equipment we use to find water leaks are:

Our thermal imaging camera systems detect hot and cold spots behind walls and under floors, so we know exactly where your leak is

These leak detection devices can find the source of a leak by “listening” for it through up to 9-feet of clay, so we only need to dig one single hole instead of dozens

Gas Tracing
We flood your pipes with an inert gas which then leaks out and is detected by the “gas sniffers” we leave dotted around your home; this eliminates guesswork in finding this type of leak

Leak Correlators
With this combination of leak sensors and advanced computer software our engineers can detect multiple leaks on a single pipe or leaks spread out over a distance of up to 600 metres, meaning we can handle any size of leak detection job

Because all of the leak detection we do is completely non-invasive it means that we never need to excavate until we actually find the exact source of your leak. This means we save your thousands of pounds in backfilling or property repair costs overall.

It just doesn’t make sense to leak a suspected water leak go undetected or repaired when you have professional help from ADI Leak Detection waiting just a single Free phone call away.

Here are some comments from our previous and satisfied customers:


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