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Water Leak Detection in Stone Floor Areas Doesn’t Require Heavy Machinery

Basements are often dank, dark and damp.  The dampness that is a real issue in basements can cause a variety of problems.  Home owners need to identify the source of the moisture to ensure that there are no leaks.  If there are signs of obvious leakage, call a leak detection specialists immediately.

Water leak detection in stone floor areas is incredibly important.  Often, the stone floor is the foundation, and prolonged leaking can cause cracks in the foundation which require expensive repairs.  It is better to fix these problems as soon as they become noticeable, rather than waiting until additional damage results. Water leak detection in stone floor areas can be difficult.

There are no exposed pipes and water can be coming from a variety of sources.  Locating the source of the leak does not have to involve jack hammering up the entire floor.  With the modern leak detection services offered by ADI,central heating repairs the leak source can be located to within 5cm without bringing in any heavy equipment or damaging your floor.  Once the source has been located it is a relatively inexpensive process to cut out a section of flooring to fix the gas leak.

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