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Water Leak Detection Alarms Safeguard Your Home

Water leaks can be horribly threatening , burst pipes can ruin your floors and walls, cause immense damage to your furnishings and foster the growth of unhealthy mold as well. Of course, it can be very difficult to detect water leaks on your own. Most homeowners have no idea that there’s something wrong until they spot a huge wet spot on the wall, floor or ceiling. By that point, it’s too late. Water leak detection alarms installed by ADI can help provide immense peace of mind, as well as safeguarding your home from damage.

With gas leak detection alarms, you can sleep soundly knowing that the slightest sign of moisture on your water pipes will trigger the alarm. Once the alarm sounds, help will be on the way. ADI’s certified technicians can easily locate the central heating leak and make the repair before it becomes something that will cost you thousands of pounds and weeks of time to remedy.

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