Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience

Van Gogh is located at All Saints Church Highcross Street, Leicester. It offers exactly what it says- the immerse experience of virtual and real-life display paintings of the legend Van Gogh. The building is an art museum, meaning a perfect place for exquisite storytelling. But it is also a specialty museum best for virtual reality interactions. Van Gogh offers an indoor exhibition that allows people to enjoy the artistic work of Van Gogh at 360 degrees digital show. So, there is a lot to expect, including projection mapping, digital displays, sound effects, and many more. The total Artistic immersion takes around 60 to 75 minutes, so you can be sure to immerse yourself in Van Gogh’s masterpiece.

History of Van Gogh-The Immersive Experience

The Immerse experience first took place in Europe in the 2000s. Although other artists are featuring similar shows, Van Gogh’s shows have gained popularity by far. The Van Gogh shows have continued to grow their traction tremendously and even featured in famous Netflix series. It is no surprise that the show has been featured in over twenty cities across the globe, including Leicester.

Major Attractions

  1. Leicester Guildhall

It is free to enter and has a lot of impressive features. It offers an excellent cafeteria tucked in the cathedral. The receptionists are welcoming and friendly.

  1. Highcross Leicester

Highcross Leicester is a lovely building with comfortable eateries and seatings. Best for fast foods and good shopping. You can find everything you need there.

  1. Cocoa Amore

Cocoa Amore is a workshop located in the heart of Leicester city. Best known for its hand made chocolates and delicious desserts.

  1. All Saints Church

It is perfectly constructed to appeal to any visitor.

  1. Showcase Cinema De Lux

Best place to relax after your lunch meal. It offers plenty of space and nice seats. The overall setting is alluring for a great cinema experience.

  1. Jewry wall

Best place to relax and take your snacks. Take a chance to explore fantastic old monuments in the middle of the city.

  1. Leicester Cathedral

It offers a stunning structure and a lovely environment perfect for the sun shining. Feel free to visit King Richard III’s memorial.

  1. Jukebox

Jukebox is best for girls night outs. A beautiful place to relax, especially on Saturdays. With excellent menus and reasonably priced beverages.

Activities Carried out at Van Gogh-The Immersive Experience

  1. Social Climbing

It is a lovely place to do a lot of your climbing, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. It is a great benchmark to compare with other climbing places.

  1. Treetop Adventure Gold

It is a perfect place to experience mini golf. It offers a lovely surrounding to ensure visitors have a great time.

  1. Grosvenor Casino Leicester

Black or red? Enjoy playing at the casino during your night out visit. Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots are combinations of games that can elevate your casino experience.

  1. Bean Gaming

It is best for those who want a calm drink. Book a table and grab a cup of coffee with a little bit of pizza while enjoying playing the bean game on one of your fabulous evenings.

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