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Value Your Clean Drinking Water…There’s Only A Fixed Amount of it

None of us like hosepipe bans and especially not during the late spring and early summer months when both our children, our plants and our lawns desperately need a supply of water to keep them cool and nourished in the midst of the typical scorching summer season. But the harsh reality is that clean water is in shorter and shorter supply each year and the situation is only getting worse.

The main cause of these shortages isn’t obviously a lack of rainfall because as everyone who lives in this country knows the one thing we’re very rarely short of is rain. No the problem is actually in the dams and reservoirs which are riddled with gigantic leaks which means that literally billions of gallons of water each year is “wasted” because it leaks out of these collection points and back underground to the water table.

A gas leak in your own home contributes to this problem too believe it or not. Now you’re thinking “Wait that little trickle of water….causing water shortages? How? Well it’s because you and several million other home owners use the same thought process but several million trickles of water is equivalent to an entire river of water being wasted each year.

As the population of the world grows past 7 billion in 2011 we’re quickly approaching the stage where clean drinking water is going to become as valuable as oil.

So why not do your bit to help the country conserve its water resources and call ADI to find and stop those central heating leak on your property?

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