F75 Boiler Fault & How To Fix F75 Fault On A Vailliant Boiler

What is F75 Error Code?

An F75 error code means that there is no pressure change being detected when the pump starts. In short, the boiler is failing to detect the pressure it should whenever the pump is up and running, and the water is flowing through the system. This is usually due to a problem with the pressure sensor, the pump or a leak on your heating pipework causing your boiler to lose pressure.

The sensor may become clogged and blocked with dirt, sludge or debris, meaning it is unable to read or respond to the changes in pressure. Additionally, an incorrect installation can result in carbon building up in the filter system.

A leak on your heating system pipework could be caused by hidden or buried pipework deteriorating with age.

Can I Fix An F75 Code Myself?

Attempting to fix the cause of the F75 error is definitely a job for a professional plumbing and heating engineer, it may be worth choosing one that is one the Vaillant Advance installer scheme.

You may be able to troubleshoot and  diagnose the issue.

  1. Press the boiler’s reset button and patiently wait a couple of minutes.
  2. Attempt to initiate the boiler by either opening a hot water tap or adjusting the central heating thermostat.
  3. Listen for any humming sound and check for vibrations, indicating the pump is starting.
  4. If, after resetting, you don’t detect any sound or vibration, the pump might be faulty.
  5. Should the pump activate but quickly shut off, there’s likely a problem with the pressure sensor.
  6. Seek assistance from a Gas-Safe registered plumber to diagnose and fix the issue, ensuring your hot water and central heating system is restored.

The F75 boiler fault, which relates to Vailliant Eco Tec Combi Boilers & is different from the Baxi E119 Fault code we have also advised on.

Is Your F75 Error Caused By A Leak On Your Heating System?

Here at ADI Leak Detection, our team are the guys you need when there is a hidden water leak on your heating system.

We use a wide range of specialist leak detection equipment and years of expertise to pinpoint the exact location of your leak, potentially saving endless damage to your home and minimizing the cost of rectifying the leak. The best bit is in most cases our trace and access fee is covered by your home or building insurance.

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