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Utilities are Constantly Detecting Mains Water Leaks, Follow their Example to Keep Bills Low

Water conservation is becoming a world wide concern.  As patterns of rainfall shift and desertification increases in a variety of global locations, the need to conserve and better utilize existing water sources becomes more apparent.  Utility companies are heavily invested in ensuring maximum delivery.  Detecting mains water leaks quickly allows utilities to save the most amount of water, which translates into profits.  Maximizing conservation efforts allows utility companies to save money on lost product.  Any time water is lost due to leakage in the delivery system, the utility must bear the cost of processing additional water to make up for the loss.

Processing water to ensure that it is safe to drink can be an expensive proposition, and anything that utility companies can do to reduce the cost is something that they will want to explore  to allow them to continue providing quality service.  Not only do detecting mains water central heating leak reduce the cost of water processing, it also helps to minimize service disruptions for customers.  Low water pressure is a typical result of a leaky main.

State of the art detection methods, like those used by ADI leak detection specialists, can be used to reduce the average water loss to less than 10%.  Early detection is the foundation for minimizing water loss.  Utility companies are already recognising the necessity, now it is time for the consumer to as well.  Contact ADI on 0800 731 8343 to schedule your expert inspection and have peace of mind!