Calling all Science Geeks and Nerds!

Our non-invasive Leak Detection methods involve a unique fusion of science and technology to create enhanced versions of our human senses in electronic form.

We can’t SEE a hidden leak so thermal imaging cameras and endoscope cameras help to make it VISIBLE.

We can’t always HEAR a hidden leak so our acoustic listening devices help to make it AUDIBLE.

Our damp meters help to shed light on moisture created by the leak which is too subtle to be detected by our human sense of TOUCH.

But probably our most impressive and definitive method of Leak Detection is our Hydrogen & Nitrogen Tracer Gases and Gas Sensors.

We can use this method to locate a leak on ANY sealed pipework! Including central heating systems, hot feeds, cold feeds, water mains pipes and swimming pool filtration system pipework.

Our Engineers connect on to the pipework system and refill it with a hydrogen and nitrogen gas mix. This gas mix eventually finds the leak and starts leaking out of the pipe instead of the water.

So what’s the benefit of replacing the water in the pipe with these gases?

Water will either soak into the surrounding material before it penetrates through the floor or wall, or it will travel to the easiest point of escape, or it will drip down into a void under the floor… leaving us with no clues whatsoever about the location of the leak.

However, hydrogen is the smallest and lightest element in the periodic table. It’s even lighter than air and this means it will slowly rise up through any porous surface, even concrete!

So we humans can’t see, smell or feel the hydrogen. But fortunately we have special hydrogen sensors that can and they start beeping when they pick up the hydrogen traces, giving us the location of the leak!

We are quite simply replacing something that’s untraceable with something that is.

“But what about Health and Safety!?” I hear you ask! Is it safe??

Yes! Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical substances in the universe. Our bodies, the oceans and rivers are full of it and it’s what the gaseous planets and stars are made of.

“But isn’t it flammable?!”

In high concentrations it is, yes. But we take away its flammable properties by mixing it with 95% Nitrogen. Nitrogen is also one of the most prominent elements in the Milky Way and comprises about 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere and 79% of the air we breathe. So mixing the gases in this ratio of 5% Hydrogen, 95% Nitrogen is 100% safe.

So that’s it! Hopefully that has given you a bit of an understanding of the unique advantages of using Hydrogen as a Leak Detection agent.

Do you think you have a hidden Leak that needs locating using this method? Just give us a call on 0800 731 3843 to speak to one of our Advisors today!