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Use Your Metre to Find Leaks by Flow Detection

Hidden leaks and leak underground can be difficult to diagnose until you get your incredibly high water bill.  Once you realize that you must have a leak given that your bill has climbed over 100% in a single billing cycle, it remains for you to attempt to determine where it is.    To find leaks by flow detection, you need to locate all the water valves in your home.  Turn off all faucets and water using appliances to and check the meter. If the flow detection is still reading water movement the issue is definitely in your home or underground mainline.

Locate the main water valve and turn it off.  If the flow detection meter is still reading water movement, the leak is underground and you will need professional help, like ADI detection services, to locate it without property damage.  If turning off the main line causes the leak to stop, it is time to test each section of pipe.  Turn off all the other water control valves in the house and turn the mainline back on.  Wait a few minutes for the water to refill the pipes, and then check the flow.  If it has ceased, the problem is located in the first section of pipe from the main line to the first valve.  Repeat this process throughout the house until you locate the gas leak source.  Contact ADI central heating leak detection services on 0800 731 8343 if you are having trouble finding the leak source, or if you need repair services.