University Parks, Oxford

University Parks is a parkland area not far from the Christ Church Oxford England. The ground is very well-manicured, and the trees well-trimmed. The University park is very well looked after. The ground is an open field of approximately seventy acres which means there are no shrubs and few trees visible. According to the University of Oxford, the University Parks provide a relaxing haven for the local residents, visitors, and university members.

Activities to enjoy in University Parks, Oxford

  • Fishing. There is a river along the University Parks, Oxford. One can revel in fishing as they sit at the banks of the river. However, fishing is only restricted to only those licensed. The license can be acquired from the town council of Oxford. There are ducks and geese in the river. Bringing some bread and feeding them as they swim close by can be a great way to let your mind wander.
  • Boat ride. This is a must-do in University Parks, Oxford, whether as an individual family or with friends. The river is not so long and wide, but still, there are boats that people ride as have the most spectacular view of University Parks, Oxford.
  • Cricket game. University Parks, Oxford has a corner of the field set apart for cricket. The Oxford University organizes friendly cricket matches, especially on weekends. Visitors can come and have a good cheer and interact with other people.
  • Cycling, jogging, and dog walk. University Parks has well-curated paths for cyclists to ride on and also for people who are after a walk or a jog. The river blows a nice breeze to help one cool down the sweat after a jog. In Oxford, many locals have pets, mostly dogs. There are several dog walkers and trainers in the area. University Parks offers perfect space to have the leash longer and let the dog stretch. According to a reviewer from Trip Advisor, this park offers a lovely space and atmosphere to pursue your fitness goals now that gyms are closed.
  • Picnics. Now that the world has slowed down socially due to Covid19 Pandemic, any excuse to get out of the house is welcomed in many households. University Parks is open to the public every day and offers the best location for picnics and casual games. Setting a place beside the quiet river and marvel at the sunset as you sip your wine and bite on your grapes is definitely a perfect plan compared to spending another whole day locked in the house. You can also go under one of the trees and bring your board game and tackle each other.

Since the University Parks is an extension of the university, there are security checks on the entrance. This ensures that visitors are safe. In addition, there is a guard who can answer all you question concerning the history of the park and also guide you on where to find washrooms and bins to dispose of your litter.

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