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Underground Water Leaks Need Professional Detection and Repair

Plumbing problems inside the home are fairly easy to find and fix.  A leaky faucet means a quick fixture repair.  A leaking pipe means installing a new one.  The average “do it yourself” can handle most small in-home plumbing issues as they crop up.  Toilet replacement, clogged drains, and many other issues are can be fixed with the right equipment.  They are also easy to find.  underground water leak detection can be much more difficult.  Many people do not know where to start when trying to locate the source of underground water leaks.  No one wants to start digging holes in their lawn or taking a jackhammer to the concrete in front of the house.  To avoid this, call us at ADI.  gas leak detection is our specialty.

We use only the most advanced tools of the trade to locate your issue without tearing up anything.  No cutting holes in drywall or digging up your flowers; we can locate the leak to within 5cm without damaging a single thing on your property.  This pinpoint location will allow us to fix the problem with minimal damage, since you will know the exact area to dig or cut to get to the leak site.  Contact us to today on 0800 731 8343, most repairs are included in the central heating leak detection price.