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Underground Water Leaks Can Cause Flooding

Water pipes run from the mainline to the house along a single straight path, then, inside the house water is diverted in many directions.  This means that the potential for underground water leaks is limited to either the pipe from the mainline or the city water system.  If the pipe connecting your home to the city mainline springs a gas leak, it can cause flooding on your property.  underground water leak detection can cause tremendous damage, before they are detected.  Once they are obvious, home owners want immediate fixes that will not damage their homes or landscaping.  An underground leak can require extensive digging to find and then fix.

At ADI, we understand your reluctance to damage carefully tended lawns and gardens.  Our central heating leak detection experts can locate the source of the leak without disturbing anything.  This can keep your repair costs to a minimum.  Instead of paying to diagnose the problems, fix the issue and the pay for massive cosmetic repairs, easy detection keeps cosmetics to a minimum. When the repair personnel know exactly where the problem is, the repair can cause only minimal damage and disruption.  Call us today on 0800 731 8343 to discuss the different repair options and get advice from our team of leak detection specialists.