Tyntesfield, Bristol

Tyntesfield is an outstanding Victorian Gothic house surrounded by gardens, woodlands, and parklands. Tyntesfield is found on Clevedon Road Bristol.

Activities to Enjoy in Tyntesfield

  • Art gallery. Tyntesfield’s art gallery is a major attraction to this house. It houses arts from people like Antony Gibbs, among other famous historical artists. In addition, the house has things like cookware and curtains that are as old as the 1800s. Some of these things need proper preservation, like regulating the amount of light reaching them and using particular substances to clean the art and furniture in the Tyntesfield house.
  • The architecture. The Tyntesfield house has great architectural features that make it picturesque. The carvings and moldings both inside and outside the house make it beautiful and admirable. The ancient buildings tend to be more admirable than modern ones mainly because, in ancient times, activities were assigned according to one’s talent.
  • Tyntesfield Orchard. This orchard sits in one of the vast gardens in Tyntesfield. The Tyntesfield orchard has various types of trees like apples, plums, mulberries, walnut, and pears, among others. The orchard sits on eleven acres. This is a beautiful place to take a walk as you appreciate these fruits’ beauty and fragrance, especially during their fruition season.
  • Picnic. Tyntesfield has beautiful ground excellent for picnics as the grass is well cut and manicured. The grounds are extensive, making it possible to hold many people and still maintain social distance. With such an open ground bringing your picnic basket and a small blanket to sit on as you catch up with a friend is a great idea.
  • The Cow Barn café. This café in Tyntesfield is a favorite for many in Bristol. Primarily because of the available kitchen garden in Tyntesfield. Most of the food served here is cooked with freshly picked vegetables and herbs. This café is something you want to try when you get to Tyntesfield. There are outdoor sitting spaces to sip on your coffee as feed your eyes with the beauty surrounding you.
  • Walks. Tyntesfield has the best paths to walk or even push wheelchairs on. They are well-curated and leveled. After a busy day in the city, you can take a walk in Tyntesfield and relax as you interact with nature. You can also take pictures or create short videos as the place is so relaxing to get you creative.

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