Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Nottingham

This ground is mostly used for Tests. Test cricket is a form of cricket that has the longest match duration and in the game of cricket, it is considered the highest standard. Just across River Trent lies One-Day international and county cricket in West Bridgford. Trent Bridge also doubles up as the headquarters of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.

The 1830s saw the first use of Trent Bridge as a cricket ground. The first official match was held in 1838 with the first Test match being held in 1899. The ground opened its gates in 1841 by William Clarke and who was the captain of the All England Cricket Team.

The Trent Bridge is considered one of the best grounds to watch a cricket game. Recent developments have seen the ground upgraded to include a modernistic aircraft-wing roof. Bowling also takes place at this ground from the Pavilion End.

The ground also hosted Football matches in the past. Notts County Football Club used to play their crucial matches on this ground from the 1860s they later moved to this ground permanently in 1883 and their games had to be played elsewhere when cricket was being played. Notts County finally left in 1910 relocating to Meadow Lane.

While visiting the Trent Bridge there also sights that visitors and locals can unwind to after watching a game. Here we look at some historical sites in Nottingham that might be of interest.

  • Old Market Square. This is the largest public space and is also home to Nottingham Tourism Centre. Before exploring more of the city you have to stop by here. On the east lies the Neoclassical Council House Which is crowned by a dome. Also close by is the impressive Guidhall.
  • The lace market. Just a short walk from the Old Market Square is the Lace Market. this was the heart of Britain’s Lace industry. The red-bricked warehouses, numerous shops, boutiques, restaurants, and display rooms provide a spectacular view as well as fun activities. guided tours of the Lace Market can also be organized and booked at the Nottingham Tourist Centre.
  • Nottingham castle. this gives the best views of the bronze statues of Robin Hood and his Merry men. The castle is home to the Sherwood Foresters Regimental Museum that has an impressive collection of regimental uniforms and medals. It also houses the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

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