Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge is located in London, UK. It is one of the most famous bridges in the country. The bridge was designed by Sir Jones and fellow engineer friend, Sir John Wolfe Barry. It took them over eight years to complete the final design of the iconic bridge. It came to be the biggest and most advanced bascule bridge that has ever been seen to completion, when it opened to the public in 1894. It is said to have exhausted over 11,000 tons of steel before being considered safe to cross. This bridge crosses River Thames which is close to the Tower of London. Due to this, it has at times been confused with London Bridge, which is 0.5 miles upstream.

History of Tower Bridge

The iconic bridge was built between the year 1886 and 1894. After its completion, it became a world-famous symbol for London. It has been under the ownership and maintenance of Bridge House Estates which is a charitable trust under the City of London Corporation. The bridge is also the only trust’s bridges that has not connected the City of London directly to the Southwark bank, because its northern landfall is in Tower Hamlets.


  1. Spectacular view of the bridge at night

The tower is an undoubted landmark and its intriguing design brings out the beauty that it owns. During the night, this is 100 times more visible due to the lighting of both the bridge and the surrounding, bringing out a spectacular view of the bridge.

  1. Intriguing Ancient design

Being at the specific location of Tower Bridge in London, will give you an amazing first-hand view of the complex designs that architects in this early age used, and still managed to come up with an intriguing building.

  1. View of London’s skyline

Visitors  standing at the Tower Bridge can have an amazing view of London’s skyline and see various historic museums and iconic buildings along Thames such as the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the HMS Belfast.

  1. Glass walkways

Suspended over the river, are Glass walkways that give visitors unparalleled views  of the Victorian Bascules.


  1. The Tower Bridge Exhibition

The Tower Bridge Exhibition is a display that is housed in the twin towers located at the bridge. Films, interactive displays and photos are broadcasted explaining the reason the bridge was built and also how they did it.

  1. Vacations

The tower bridge being an iconic symbol of London, and also being of magnificent design offers one a spectacular tour-destination or possibly a vacation. Tourists from all parts of the world are welcome to tour the place, take pictures and spend some time enjoying the beautiful environment.

  1. Have a family gathering

The Tower Bridge being a famous figure in London, is sorounded by beautiful hotels serving great meals and even coffee, providing nice spots for family gatherings and occasions.

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