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Things Which ADI Never Do

Lots of companies make promises about being able to do this and that for you and some of them even keep their promises. At ADI we always do exactly what we tell you we’ll do but just for a change we wanted to share some things ADI will never, ever do to you or for you:

  • 1. We never dig holes

All of our leak detection surveys are 100% non-invasive. It doesn’t matter where the leak is we can find it without having to dig any holes in your garden or rip up your lovely wooden or tiled floors. We find the gas leak and your property stays in intact at the end of it all.

  • 2. No call out charges

We love meeting new customers so we never, ever charge you for a call out. We believe in a fair pricing policy and a huge part of that is not charging customers when we haven’t even arrived on their premises yet. It’s because we care about how our customers feel about ADI as a company.

  • 3. Work Guaranteed

Every piece of work ADI engineers carry out is fully guaranteed so our customers have complete peace of mind when it comes to relying on the work that we do. On top of that our engineers are covered by public liability insurance up to a value of £2 million so that you have an additional layer of protection when you’re dealing with us.

  • 4. We Never Overcharge

We’re extremely proud of the fact that our pricing policy is to easy-to-understand and transparent for each of new and existing customers. You will know exactly what you’re paying for each and every time.

So there you have it a list of 4 things that ADI will never, ever do for you no matter how much you ask us to!

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