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Do You Like The Idea Of Somebody Digging or Drilling Holes All Over Your Home or Business To Find A Leak?


If you do then just hire any old leak detection company.

But if you don’t (and we know you’re smart so you definitely don’t want holes everywhere) then you need to hire the leak detection experts – ADI Leak Detection.

We’ve had 10 years of experience working in the leak detection and repair industry, on a national basis, so we’ve seen the damage caused by less well equipped and badly trained companies who claim to provide leak detection and repair.

In fact we’re often called out by home and business property owners to “fix” the work done by other companies.

The Radiator Is Switched Off and Is Colder Than The Surrounding Walls

We take our leak detection work very seriously so we only use the most advanced equipment and our thermal imaging cameras are an important part of our leak detection arsenal.

If you’re not familiar with how a thermal imaging camera works it’s basically the same as a night vision sight in that it picks up on background heat signatures.

If you’ve ever seen footage of a modern combat helicopter they use a system called FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) and thermal imaging cameras work in much the same way.

Why do ADI use thermal imaging in leak detection?

Accurate – we can pinpoint the exact source of your leak and even tell whether hot or cold water is involved, allowing us to better identify central heating leaks for example

Non-invasive – we can see inside your walls and under your floors without having to do any exploratory drilling or digging, this is a “no contact” technology

Preventative – we can also identify hidden damage caused by previous leaks that could be both a structural hazard and a health risk to your family

The Radiator Is Hotter Than The Surrounding Areas – This Is How We Trace Your Pipework

No Disruption – we don’t need to move the majority of furniture or lift carpets to carry out a thermal imaging survey of your home

In short using thermal imaging means that you’re saving a lot of money because we can find the source of your leak in the shortest possible amount of time, which in turn means a much lower bill for you. It also means that until you ask us to actually repair the leak we don’t need to modify or excavate your property in any way.

Each member of the ADI Leak Detection team has a full thermal imaging camera system in their van so they’re always equipped to find your leaks.

Remember thermal imaging cameras provide a safe, quick and cost-effective way to find leaks inside your home – our efficiency means money saved for you!

We like to allow our customers to explain how happy they are with our services:

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