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There’s A Drought Heading For the UK

It happens every few years and anyone living in the UK has grown used to the fact that water shortages during the hot summer months are basically a part of life. And the most annoying part is that it’s not because of a lack of rainfall during the previous winter because as you all know England, Scotland and Wales definitely don’t have any issues with regular and heavy rainfall. The problem is, in fact, due to the water supply system being full of more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese – the water is literally flowing from reservoirs straight back down into the water table. The pipes carrying our national water supply are so heavily damaged that nobody really knows exactly how much water is going to waste each year.

To compound this problem in 2012 we’re set for a drought to hit from late spring onwards simply because we’ve had a pretty dry autumn and winter compared to other years with rainfall down almost 60% in some areas. On top of that we’re set for a solar maximum in 2012 which means that the sun will probably burn brighter and hotter than it has for quite some time so on top of there not being much rainfall we’re also looking at a pretty dry summer so you’ll need to maybe prepare in advance for this.

One major step you can take to help prevent any kind of local water crisis is to ensure that you’re not wasting any water yourself. Not most people are quite Green-minded these days and do their very best to reuse and recycle as much as possible but there could be hidden water leak detection both inside and outside your home where you’re literally trickling away gallons of water each year. Now that might not sound like much but collectively speaking in one small region of the UK this could mean hundreds of thousands of gallons of water being wasted every single year. This alone will directly contribute to any water shortages in your area or town.

If you suspect that you might have a gas leak in your home or business water supply then call ADI central heating leak detection today.