The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

Did you know that the Sheldonian theatre was put up by Christopher Wren, the English scientist and Mathematician? It’s location is in Oxford’s medieval city in the vicinity of all the main university buildings. You can find it as you walk or drive along Broad Street, Oxford, also referred to as The Broad.

History of the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

The Sheldonian Theatre has been standing for almost four centuries. It was constructed between 1664 and 1669 with funding by Gilbert Sheldon, the archbishop of Canterbury. Hence the building was named after him. Christopher Wren was commissioned and the building draws its inspiration from the drawings of Roman Theatres, taking on their D-shaped plans. It was constructed in a way that fit Britain’s climate but still retained the Roman touch. This is what makes the building spectacular and attracts thousands of tourists everywhere and is listed as one of the main historical works in Britain’s history.

Major Attractions

  1. The Sheldonian theatre building

It’s a work of art accredited to a member of the Royal society you can marvel at.

  1. Blackwell’s Bookshop

A Tardi’s style building housing millions of books you can choose from.

  1. Oxford University Museum

This is a natural history museum where you can see Oxfordshire dinosaurs and also features other zoological and geological specimens, fossils and rocks.

  1. New College

This place is popular for its chapel and choir where you can visit and admire the impressive Oxford gardens.

  1. Clarendon Building

It was built in the 1700s by Nicholas Hawksmoor and it’s an iconic sight and historic centre in Oxford.

  1. Ashmolean Building

It features art collections such as Egyptian mummies and other forms of modern art.

Activities carried out the Sheldonian theatre, Oxford

  • Visit the work of art and learn about the architectural history leading up to the erection of the famous building and also see the Roman symbols of authority which speak to its richness.
  • View other architectural works such as the Clarendon building and old Ashmolean building in the vicinity.
  • Enjoy the best indoor panoramic views of Oxford’s famous skyline from its Copula.
  • Learn from the well-educated guards and tour guides about how the university was formed, its existence and other secrets of its past.
  • Book a hop off bus for sightseeing around the city.
  • Have a scenic view of Oxford from the towers of Sheldon theatre.
  • Take pictures of the fascinating exterior and interior of the historic building.
  • Visit restaurants in the area for some snacks and good meals such as the popular BBouna Pizza Bar, Ben’s cookies or TurtleBay, Oxford.
  • Take a walk to the nearby New College to enjoy a perfect scenery and experience firsthand an Oxford’s students life, the architectural splendour and other places to eat and shop.

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