The Newarke Houses Museum

The Newarke Houses Museum is currently closed due to the national pandemic, and will re-open its doors after the lift of the national lockdown in Leicester. It is one of Leicester’s most intriguing historic sites harboring some historic houses including the Wyggeston’s House and the Skeffington House. The museum tells the story of contemporary Leicester and the story of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment.

History of the Museum

The Wyggeston’s house which is one of the houses based at the museum came into completion in 1511, while the Skeffington house came into completion at the start of the 17th century. Both houses were used in 1645, during the Siege of Leicester, as part of the English Civil War that was ongoing. These buildings were put up for sale in 1908 and the Wyggeston’s house ended up becoming a private residence while the Skeffington house ended up becoming a school for boys.

These two buildings however, were sold for the second time and turned to museums in 1953, as part of celebrations surrounding the Queen’s coronation.


Collection of toys

The museum boasts a magnificent collection of toys from ancient times to the present day serving as an eye-catching display for the visitors and kids.

Play area for children.

The Newarke Houses Museum could not let the children get left out when it comes to having a nice time at the park. They provided a playground with a number of games suitable for kids, and anyone bringing their children here will simply be giving them a chance to have a memorable moment for the rest of their childhood.

Daniel Lambert’s display

Daniel Lambert happened to be Britain’s largest man. Several of his possessions are well preserved at the museum and are always in display for the public.

1950s street scene

One can visit the 1950s street scene inspired by Wharf Street and includes the Jolly Angler public house, a grocer, and a pawn broker, that inhabit sounds and chats from that particular time.


The museum hosts gardens laid to box-hedges, in medieval style maze-like geometric patterns that boast collections of various indigenous trees and plants which have survived to the present day. This serves as a nice spot for tourists and even historians who find the gardens intriguing.


Cinema experience

At the Newarke Houses Museum, is a cinema hall that runs shows covering different topics of the historic museum, beginning from its construction, artefacts, and different collections being showcased at the museum. A visitor could chose to visit the cinema hall and get this first-hand experience since for one, it is free and yet very educative on historic matters of this particular museum.

Discovery of Leicester’s war history

The museum has a recreation of a First World War trench that has sound and lighting, which was created after some personal stories that were learnt from different people, about the home front and the regiment’s history. This information is offered to visitors by the guides, and through this one can gain some historic knowledge of Leicester’s war times.

If you are in Leicester, you can visit Tropical Birdland, Desford, Leicestershire.

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