The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham

The National Motorcycle Museum is recognized as the largest and finest Motorcycle in the World. It is approximated to lie on an area of 32,000 m2, and its specific location is close to the junction of the A45 and M42 and very close to Birmingham Airport, and the railway station is about 1.6km (1 mile). The Museum has five exhibition halls containing around 800 machines. This is under the 60 years of golden years of British motorcycle manufacturing. Although being one of the largest Museums in the World situated in Birmingham, there are also some attraction sites in the town, such as the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.

History of the National Motorcycle Museum

The National Museum is a non-profitable situated in Anamosa, Lowa. Roy Richards was the Museum’s founder; he collected good examples of British Motorcycles in the 1970s. The Museum started operating with 350 machines in 1984, and other activities for developing the Museum were to include conference facilities in 1885. The Museum has attracted around 250,000 visitors annually.

The National Motorcycle Museum opens its door dairy from 08:00 hours – 1730 hours; however, it’s being closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.

Things to do at the National Motorcycle Museum

  1. Purchase a bike or bike parts. This is not only a Museum but is also a place where motorcyclists from all over the country and the World in general and appreciate the work of others. If you are looking for your next great purchase by any chance, this is an ideal place for you.
  2. Restaurants and cafés in the Museum. By any chance, you need a quick snack, or perhaps you need to quench your thirst, a restaurant just in the Museum, for instance, Museum Restaurant and café. This is located on the first floor; it serves all kinds of tasty items to please anyone.
  3. The Museum Coffee Kart, main servers as a quick fix after the Restaurant closes. You grab a coffee or even light snacks like cake and premade sandwich. It primarily opens on weekdays, mostly 02:00 hours.
  4. Most visitors like shopping from the town they visit. You should be left out of this. Here are some of the thighs you should buy from the Museum;
  • You can purchase anything like ridding clothes, helmets, t-shirts and kids’ clothes are also available.
  • The National Museum has a tone of legitimate things to buy and will aid in getting the best out of your machine. You will find things like castor oil and classic motorcycle parts and tires.
  • Consider getting yourself a Model or a puzzle from the Museum.
  1. You can also attend a non-motorcycle-related event. The National Motorcycle Museum holds various events which are not related to Motorcycle. The follow-up and know the upcoming events maybe it could be coin fair, antiques and collectibles viewing.

You can also have a nature walk in the city of Birmingham and see another attraction site like The Barber Institute Of Fine Arts, Birmingham. Visit it today to find more!

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