The Bristol Aquarium

The Bristol Aquarium is a fun-filled activity right at the center of Bristol town. This is a wide-ranging facility with many rooms of tanks with every type of marine and jungle life. Manned by experts, every wall is a representation and a display of fascinating scientific facts. The Bristol Aquarium replicates environments in which fish are used to in order to make sure they still feel at home.

Attractions to Bristol Aquarium

  • Sunken shipwreck. This is a result of wrecked voyages that are well displayed to unveil a sinking ship moment. This sunken ship exhibit in Bristol Aquarium shows a lot of underwater species like crayfishes and cat sharks.
  • Urban Jungle. This is another exciting activity in the Bristol Aquarium, which is a display of an urban jungle. The environment here is warm compared to Bristol’s weather. This is attained by the inflatable roof, which actions as a thermal blanket. This roof is transparent, allowing sun rays to penetrate through and make the jungle bloom. This Urban Jungle is famous as it is the only botanical garden in an aquarium in the United Kingdom.
  • Underwater tunnel. What could supersede the joy of walking underwater and get to see the aquatic creatures in close proximity without getting wet? Well, you can have this lifetime experience in Bristol Aquarium as you get to see sharks swim above your head and coral reef-filled aquarium.
  • Might Amazon. This is an open-top display of the large freshwater fish found in the Bristol Aquarium. It holds some of the largest freshwater fish, including arapaima, that can grow up to four meters long. This Amazon is a walk through the mangroves, giving a very accurate reality representation.
  • Bay of Rays. This is an open-top display of a variety of ray in the Bristol Aquarium. Ray is a fish species, and some found in Bristol Aquarium are the thornback rays, stingray, and painted rays. The fun fact about rays is that they like to stare, so if you are not shy or want to practice some eye contact skills, head over to the bay of rays and have a moment with them.
  • Octopus. Wanting to see an octopus in real life but scared of it has been a bitter-sweet idea for many. However, this does not have to be so as at Bristol Aquarium. There are octopuses displayed for you to see, and the most spectacular moment is when they are being fed. Watching them grasp on their food and twist their tentacles is a breathtaking encounter.

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