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The Benefits of Non-Destructive Leak Detection

At ADI we know that you value your home or business – or possibly even both. To some people they’re just buildings but to you they’re home and a place that you’ve invested a lot of time and money in. They’re filled with memories of your life and they have that intangible something that makes you want to protect these buildings even though you know they’re just made from timer concrete and stone. But you still have that instinct to protect them because at some level your home has become part of your family.

That’s why you need to protect the home you value so much from water damage from water leaks and why you should hire a company that not only cares about your property but also offers an exceptional and totally non-invasive leak detection service. That leak detection company is ADI because we know how much you value your home and we do everything we can to help you preserve that value. Part of that is when you hire ADI natural gas leak detection to find the cause of your leak we do so in the most careful manner possible. We don’t believe that a professional leak detection engineer should need to dig or drill a single hole to find a leak and we pride ourselves on making sure that we never, ever have to do that.

Our equipment allows us to track the source of leaks either visually with thermal imaging cameras systems or we can also perform leak detection using acoustic leak detectors which allow our engineers to find the source of any central heating leak even if it is buried several feet underground.

The benefit of leak detection performed by a professional company like ADI is quite simply that we will never cause any damage to your property whilst working on it.