The Bear Grylls Adventure, Birmingham

The Bear Grylls Adventure is located at the NEC in Birmingham. It is a nice place where one can test his/her limits as they take on some of the world’s most unbelievable mental and physical challenges offered by Bear Grylls. There are six elements found there: the Base Grylls Adventure Basecamp, High Ropes, Ifly, Dive, Climb and Shooting.

Activities carried out in

  1. High ropes

The highest ropes course in the whole of Europe is 65ft tall. Things required in high ropes include:

  • 60 minute High Ropes adventure.
  • The High Ropes is an outdoor activity and is open in all weathers.
  • Maximum weight should be 130kg
  • Minimum height should be 130cm
  • Maximum height should be 203cm
  1. iFly Indoor Skydiving

You only get two 1 minute flights. You have to wear a jumpsuit, earplugs and a helmet. The moment you are in the tunnel you cannot hear anything. The first flight is for making one to familiarize with the tunnel. The instructors are alongside so as to guide you. On the second flight, one is allowed to get to the top of the wind tunnel with the help of the instructor.

  1. Archery

This so enjoyful whereby, you load your bow, take aim and finally let the arrow fly. Things required are:

  • 45 minutes Archery adventure
  • There is a full session before the specialists take you onto the range.
  • Participants must be 8 and above years.
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable attires.
  • For security purposes, there should be no jewellery and mobile phones but they can also be kept in onsite free lockers.
  1. Shark Dive

Here you will enjoy travelling beneath the seas. During the diving you have to be prepared to face over 1,000 water creatures. Requirements include:

  • 120 minutes Dive adventure
  • Warm up and master skills for 15 minutes
  • Up to 25 minutes walking underwater course.
  1. Escape Rooms

For sure visitors will enjoy being here. Here you will blast the doors open but range of physical, mental and skill-based challenges will be required. The requirements are:

  • 60 minute Escape Room adventure
  • Beat the clock with your team of travelers.
  • Each Escape Room experience requires minimum of 4 people and maximum of 8 people.
  1. Cage Snorkel

This is a home of over 1,000 species of mysterious creatures. Here you will find: Blacktip Reef Sharks and Cow Nose Rays. The requirements include:

  • 60 minutes Snorkel adventure
  • Explore from the Snorkel cage for 20 minutes
  • All dive and safety equipment are provided
  • Visitors are requested to come with their swimwear and a towel.

One should note the following before going there:

  • Go early
  • The water is available at the water fountain in the end of the assault course, near Grylls canteen.
  • One should wear clothes that cover legs and arms.
  • There is a Gift Shop Discount of 20% on Thursdays and Sundays.

This is a nice place to visit for physical and mental nourishment. You can also pay a visit to a neighbouring attraction: Sandwell Valley Country Park.

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