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The ADI Gas Leak Detection Service

Finding the source of a gas leak in your home is something that you should only ever leave in the hands of an absolute professional. Even if you’re the most experienced DIY fan in the entire universe gas is not something you should risk playing around with – the simple reason being that if you make a mistake you will cause an explosion that could seriously injure either yourself or other people nearby. If you suspect that you have a gas leak in your home then you need to have the team at ADI investigate this for you as quickly as possible.

Each member of the ADI team is a fully qualified and Gas Safe registered engineer which means that they are legally certified to work with gas piping and gas appliances both on domestic and business properties anywhere in the United Kingdom. Never allow a person or engineer who is not Gas Safe registered to work on a gas leak or suspected gas leak issue for you. Being Gas Safe registered is only part of the equation because you also need several years of experience to work with a domestic or business gas supply safely and efficiently.
Bear in mind that non-invasive central heating leak technology comes in very handy when working with something as volatile as gas. You definitely do not want to be digging or drilling holes in an effort to find a gas leak on any kind of property so that’s why hiring ADI and taking full advantage of our non-invasive approach to commercial leak detection makes perfect sense in the scenario where you have a gas leak.

So even though ADI do specialist in finding water leaks we are also more than capable of working on gas leak issues for you also. Regardless of the type of leak you have we maintain our same work ethic of working in the most time efficient way possible whilst offering you the most competitive pricing possible at the same time.