Leak Through A Ceiling – What Shall I Do? 

Water Leak Detection Gilfach Goch

Have you ever experienced that impending feeling of doom when you are sitting in your living room, and a drop of water lands on your face? You look up and see the water is coming through your ceiling, and suddenly panic sets in. Hopefully, you are not reading this article when faced with a similar […]

How To Make A Successful Water Leak Insurance Claim in The United Kingdom

Luckily the vast majority of homeowners have never had to deal with a water leak in their home. With regular maintenance and modern building standards, the risk of significant water leaks has reduced, but unfortunately, they have not be, nor will they ever be eliminated. The purpose of this article is to prepare anyone who […]

How To Spot The Signs of Damp In Your Home

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable and secure, spotting the signs of damp is a good skill to practice. This is one area where swift action can make all the difference; damp can quickly get out of control, causing severe and possible expensive damage to your home. What Is Damp? Damp is essentially […]

Matching Set Insurance Cover and Water Leaks

With so many options and policies, exclusions and coverage requirements, purchasing insurance can be a headache. You may make a claim, only to find that you are not covered for that particular issue – this can be a real problem with cases involving water leaks and damage. Water leaks may come from a range of […]

Buildings Insurance And Water Leaks

There are a number of essential elements which come with owning a home, and buildings insurance is a major consideration. This is a type of insurance which generally covers any costs associated with repairing damage to the overall structure of your property, including external outbuildings such as sheds, fences and garages, as well as drains, […]