Why Thermal Imaging Isn’t Enough For Leak Detection On Its Own

Thermal Imaging leak detection equipment Penryn

When it comes to detecting leaks in your system, we as professionals have access to a wide range of techniques and tools which can help them track down the source quickly and effectively – this is why we generate so many positive reviews from clients about our Leak Detection Services. What Is Thermal Imaging? Thermal […]

ADI Leak Detection Reviews From 2020

Here at ADI Leak Detection, we pride ourselves on only providing the best customer service, and ensuring that the homeowners we serve enjoy a quality experience from start to finish. Our team are either qualified plumbers or fully registered Gas Safe engineers (formerly known as Corgi). This means that you can rest assured that your […]

3 Reasons to Choose ADI Leak Detection in 2021

Whether your heating has gone cold, your boiler has lost pressure, or your hot water is non-existent, discovering a leak in your heating or boiler system is never top of anyone’s wish list. No matter the issue, your top priority will always be getting the problem fixed as quickly and painlessly as possible – and […]

How To Dry A Concrete Floor After A Water Leak

Suffering a water leak in your property can be a real nightmare for homeowners; from clean up, the cost of finding the leak, and the repair, a seemingly small leak can come with a host of issues and damages which are tricky to resolve. One of the most frustrating issues is when concrete floors are […]

How To Find A Water Leak Underground

A water leak on your property could be expensive, and so it is crucial that you discover the issue as soon as possible. Narrowing down the problem can be tricky, however, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Wondering how to tell if you have a water leak underground? You have come to […]