Blog Post Written By Adrian Morgan – Head Engineer at ADI Leak Detection

ADI are always looking at new ways to improve our service to our customers for all of our services.

When dealing with swimming pools, we understand that the information given to our customers can be confusing, especially if they do not understand how the pool or filtration system works.

We publish many articles on our blog to help you to self identify if you need professional Swimming Pool Leak Detection services, there are a few DIY tests that you can carry out. We have also published the main causes of swimming pool leaks.

With this in mind, we always carry out a full report on all the aspects of the investigation with photographic evidence of testing procedure.

Breaking down the testing in to segments, for example, the pool and filtration system will be tested in stages, Returns, Skimmers, Sumps, vacuum lines and pool structure.

Each pipe line is tested individually with our specialist testing rigs, to make sure that we know what is leaking and what is not!

If the pool structure is leaking, or if it’s not!

Once we have this data, that’s when the magic starts, we know what is leaking, but where is the leak?


That’s where we are the best at what we do.

Over the course of the last ten years, we have taken leak detection to the next level and continuously wake up during the night with that eureka moment, much to my partners delight!!!!

Solving another problem in being more efficient. Our test rigs are especially designed not to put excessive pressure on the pipework so we find the leak, not create further leaks, That’s the trick.

Using various forms of equipment, ranging from tracer gases with specialist gas tracing equipment to bespoke listening equipment, we are able to pinpoint the location of the leak to its exact location.

The Tracing the exact location makes the repairing of the pipework as cost effective as it can possibly be, as only the location of the leak will require exposing , not the entire run.

How does this save me money? I hear you cry!

Well first the testing procedure will establish exactly what is leaking and what is not!

Therefore only the leak location needs to be worked on and you have peace of mind knowing what isn’t leaking, as we believe having the information of what is not leaking is as important!

Anyway, back to the saving money, once we know the location of the leak underground, we can excavate the exact location and repair the damaged pipe, saving remedial cost, excavation costs, time and lots of money

Even the pool structure can be tested with precision. Using especially designed hydrophones for concrete pools and electro tracing systems and other clever gadgets it is possible to trace leaks in the pool itself.

Thus allowing the ADI Swimming pool Leak detection team to test and accurately locate most leaks on most pools within a day !!!!

Win Win

So don’t delay call ADI Leak Detection today on 0800 731 3843 for the market leading swimming pool leak detection service!