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Swimming Pool and Filtration System Re-line or Repair

Swimming Pool Repair Options

ADI are proud to be pioneers in swimming pool filtration system relining. It is now possible to line the existing buried plastic pipework to sumps, skimmers, returns etc., from pipe sizes 1 ½ inches (40mm) without the need to excavate!

In some cases, in areas where the pipe is accessible without causing too much damage, it may be more cost-effective to expose and repair the leaking pipe.

In any case, every leak location is assessed for access, disruption and possible remedial costs to make sure that value for money and requirements of our valued customers are met with the professionalism you would expect from an ADI Leak Detection engineer.

Non Invasive Reline

The pool on the left had three leaks on the pool and two on the spa.
All leaks where relined from the filtration system, with no disruption to the pool  or surrounding area.

Saving thousands of pounds and lots of disruption!!




Non Invasive Repair Options

We at ADI Leak Detection, are so proud to be the first non-invasive and cost effective Swimming Pool Filtration reline service in the UK today. Carried out with bespoke equipment, specially designed for the relining of any pipework from 1 ½ inches upwards with multiple 90 degree bends, it is now possible to reline pipes under or around swimming pools from the pool filtration room to the point of entry in the pool (i.e. sump, skimmers, jets etc.) Lining the damaged or brittle pipework with a specially designed epoxy resin makes the end product stronger than the original pipework, thus ensuring a long lasting repair.

The non-invasive repair or reline is most cost effective on pools with expensive flooring, for example, tiled areas around an indoor pool area which can be expensive to replace, or outdoor pools where decking or other high cost surfaces would have to be removed to gain access.  It is also more cost effective where pipework is deep or running under the swimming pool to the sump at the bottom of the pool.

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Filtrationn System ReliningWe saved this pool owner thousands not removing this beautiful floor to gain access to the leaking returns by relining from the return outlets.

Another Non-invasive success story




Invasive Repair Options

The invasive method is normally the most cost effective method if the ground covering the damaged section of pipe is easy to access. For example, under grass or paving slabs where damage of excavation can be easily repaired.

Once the leak is located by ADI’s leak detection process, the ADI Engineer will then excavate down to the leaking pipework, cut out the affected pipework and replace with a new section, backfilling the hole and retesting for further leaks upon completion.

We guarantee that our Engineers will work together with you to decide upon the best course of remedial actions for your situation. A permanent repair solution will then be delivered in the most professional manner.

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