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Stop Water Leaks and Save Yourself Money

You know that somewhere in your home there’s a gentle drip-drip of water leaking somewhere. Or maybe it’s more serious than that – maybe it’s built up to a full “gurgle” of escaping water but either way you’re literally pouring money down the drain as well as the water itself. Water is becoming a precious commodity on planet Earth and even though the Earth itself is 71% water most of that water is salt water and not suitable for human consumption.

As the population of our planet continues to grow in an out-of-control manner clean drinking water is going to be in shorter supply with the passing of each decade. And the shortage of clean water will mean that it costs more. An example of that right now are your water rates or charges – you’re paying for clean water and the more of it you use the more you’re going to get charged. Those charges are only set to increase in the future so it would be wise for all businesses and homes to monitor their water usage and make sure they’re not paying for more than they’re using.

So if you have external¬† leak anywhere on your property it’s costing you money. It might only be a small amount but that has a cumulative effect of becoming quite a large amount over the space of months or just a few short years. Why waste money when ADI central heating repairs can find the source of your gas leak, usually in less than a single working day, and then fix the source of the leak if you want us to. Otherwise you’re just throwing money away by wasting water like that.