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Stop Water Leaks Affecting the Value Of Your Property

Even with the current recession affecting almost every single country in the world you still need to maintain your property so that it can retain as much of its current value as possible. Property markets turn around all the time and you never, ever know when that might happen and you could suddenly find yourself in a position to sell your house, apartment or commercial unit very little notice.

So all you should need to do is maybe give the place a coat of paint, clean the floors and generally tidy it up. Unless of course you’ve had a water leak detection problem for a while and your ceilings or walls have damp patches and mold on them. You’ve probably gotten used to the smell of dampness because you’re surrounded by it the whole time but a prospective buyer will smell it the split second they walk in your door. And there’s nothing more off-putting to a buyer than a smell of damp because even if they can’t see it (because you’ve covered it up) they’ll still be able to smell it. You can be absolutely certain that a smell of dampness on your property or actual visual proof of water damage isn’t going to do you any favors when it comes to the buyer making a decision.

The sight and smell of damp is bad enough but you’re also having to deal with potential issues like structural damage to supporting timber or other materials on your property and even if a deposit is paid by a customer on your home or business a structural engineer will spot these warning signs a mile away.

Calling ADI gas leak detectors to find and fix your central heating leak is going to be an awful lot more cost effective than trying to repair the months or even years of water damage that your property has suffered.