St Paul Cathedral

This is an Anglican church found in the city of London in the United Kingdom. It was built to serve as the main church of the diocese of London city. It is located in the highest place of Ludgate Hill in the city of London. The name St Paul’s was a special dedication to Paul, the apostle, and this was during the early century. The church was founded in the year 604 AD and was designed by an English man called Christopher Wren. The church’s completion was during the time of Wren, and it was as the set as the most valued program during that time. Up to now, the church is taken as the most prominent part of London city.

History of St Paul Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is not the first church to be built in the Hills of Ludgate. The first church was built using woods in AD 604 and was named after Paul, the apostle, as a special dedication. King Ethelbert built it as a home of the bishops of the Saxon from the East. The church was damaged repeatedly and destroyed by the fire. From 675 to 685, it was built again as new, but the Vikings destroyed it in 962. The fourth church was built in1087 with different architecture, and it transformed from Romanesque to Gothic, and it was completed in 1148 enabling worshiping to continue. After lots of years, a new cathedral was built in 1313, and this made it the longest thirst church in Europe, has 596 feet. In the 16th century, the building was destroyed by the lightning, and after it has rusted. The fire in1666 destroyed it, and this was when the entire church was built. It took nine years to plan by Sir Christopher wren, and it was completed in the 20th century, it took 15 years to restore the church and renovating the church using slate and copper. It is completed on 2011 June 15. Hence, people worldwide are invited by the church to the heroes buried in and the dome that is climbed. 

Tourist Attractions near St Paul Cathedral

  1. London tower

This is the official palace of her majesty, the Queen of London. It is a historic castle located in the river Thames in central London. The tower was founded towards the end of 1066 as a portion of Norman’s victory.

  1. British museum

It changed its name from British museum publication limited to British museum co Ltd 1995. The company operates as an assistant of the trustees of the British Museum.

  1. The Shard

This is formerly the London bridge with 72-story. It forms part of the shard quarter development. It is 309.6 meters in height which makes it the tallest building in London.

  1. The Buckingham palace

It is the headquarters of London’s residence and administration. It is located in Westminster city, and it is the state center of important occasions and hospitality. It is a national morning and rejoicing center of London people.  

Activities near St. Paul Cathedral

  1. Entry ticket

People enjoy discounted tickets for entry to St Paul’s cathedral church to explore the floor and climb its galleries and the London view.

  1.   Guided tour

You receive a tour guide things are brought to life and you are told about London’s history, and you are left to explore the city.

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