St Mary De Castro Church, Leicester

St Mary De Castro Church is one of the oldest surviving churches in Leicester. The Anglican Church lies within more than one boundary authority. It is best known for offering divine teachings and spreading the word of God. But it also provides a historic interest. St Mary De Castro Church has been legally listed under (LBCA) 1990 planning for its medieval architecture.

The History of St Mary De Castro Church, Leicester

The church’s foundation is traced back to the 12C as a collegiate chapel for the castle. It was constructed by Robert De Beaumont. Over the past 2000 years, St Mary De Castro Church has undergone structural alterations to improve its appearance. The first C13, C14, and C15 were altered by John Cheshire in the year 1785. In 1853 by Gilbert Scott, and 1899 by GF Bodley. The main materials used during its construction involved coursed rubble and lead roofs. The church features an excellent exterior with light pointed arch windows and triple pointed arch doors. The interior is constructed with plenty of compelling features. Some of them include the 13th Century font, two clergy seats, and many more.

Major Attractions

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Activities Carried out at St Mary De Castro Church, Leicester

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This is a 30-minute shooting session with pistols and rifles. It also includes an expert course on Assault.

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