St Ann’s, Nottingham

St Ann’s is a fairly large district in Nottingham. The history of St Ann’s is expansive and interesting too. It is believed that St Ann was the patron of women that had a difficult time conceiving. The emergence of the district dates as far as the 1830s when the clay fields were divided into plots. The new town was built specifically for the poor working class.

The cottages were basic with a large number of public houses, a butcher, a baker, a market place and this was the first time that the poor had a chance to grow their vegetables. St Ann’s has seen different periods of modernization and the present version is a vibrant multi-cultural area.

Ethnic run supermarkets still exist in this area from Pakistani, Jamaican, Somali, Italian, Greek, to Portuguese. This shows the diversity of the area and the rich culture. St Ann’s is not endowed with pre-historic landmarks and sightings. You can, however, visit some interesting places within the town.

Interesting places to visit in St Ann’s

  • Bakersfield Community Centre. Community centers provide different activities. They cover a variety of interests namely fitness, health, dance, drama, art and craft, and much more. They are open to all members of the community and people from all age groups are always welcome. Bakersfield Community Centre also hires out rooms for those that might be interested.
  • St Ann’s Adventure Playground. They offer fun activities for children and have a variety of equipment to play on. Their friendly team ensures that your kid is safe and well taken care of. They provide positive play experiences to all children and if the children are familiar with the place then they are allowed to arrive and leave unaccompanied.
  • National Ice Center. you can have fun ice skating and the best thing is that they offer beginner tutorage. If you have a thrill for ice skating, then be sure to check this place out. The modern arena is home to the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey
  • Nottingham Racecourse. some major events are usually organized here and if you would like to catch a glimpse of a horse racing event then this is the place to go. The course has minor gradients and easy turns. It is well suited for well-balanced horses.

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