Of all the kinds of leaks which can occur in a home, shower leaks are both one of the most common, and often most problematic to locate and fix.

This is especially true of newer homes, where the pipes that feed the water to the shower are located within the walls. Even more problematic are fixed showers, which are attached directly to the hot water supply instead of using a standalone heating unit.

Shower leaks occur frequently for two main reasons. Firstly, the fact that the pipes carrying hot water to your shower are subject to fatigue during the cycle of heating up and cooling down.

Secondly, showers put water under pressure to ensure that the water stream is powerful enough to shower under. The combination of these two factors is what makes shower leak detection common.

However, if you do have a leaky shower, don’t worry. We do not need to start ripping tiles off of the bathroom wall and chipping the plaster away to locate the leaky pipes.

We can use a range of unobtrusive gas leak detection methods to accurately pinpoint the site of the shower leaks first. Only then do we consider causing damage to bathroom fittings to begin repairing the leak.

Many people suffer a leaking shower simply because they think it is something that is hard to fix quickly and cheaply.

Now you know this is a wrong assumption, call ADI now on 0800 731 3843!

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