Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Shakespeare’s Globe was an attempt to reconstruct the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan playhouse that hosted William Shakespeare’s plays. It is located in the London Borough of Southwark, on River Thames’ Southbank. The London Borough of Southwark is a part of the inner London and is linked to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the City of London by bridges across the River Thames. The borough was created in 1965 after three smaller council areas were consolidated under the London Government Act 1963. The districts in the area are governed under the London Postal District by the Southwark London Borough Council.

History of Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe opened doors to the public in 1997 and was founded by Sam Wanamaker, an actor, and director. It stands 230 meters (750 ft) from the place where the original theatre was located. The original theatre building can be traced back to 1599 but was burnt down in 1613. It was rebuilt in 1614 and brought down in 1644.

The modern Globe Theatre was a product of the academician’s approximation, borrowing ideas from the 1599 and 1614 building. The theatre comes out as more realistic even if safety measures make it host 1400 spectators, down from the 3000 capacity of the original theatre.

Attractions to the Shakespeare’s Globe

The modern Shakespeare’s Globe was built as a reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre during Shakespeare’s days. Its location is also close to that of the original theatre at Bankside, Southwark. The founder Sam Wanamaker, endeavoured to have Shakespeare’s Globe retain as much resemblance as possible with the Globe of those Shakespeare’s times. As a result, the theater is a good replica of the old-time theatre. Here are some of the attractions to the Shakespeare’s Globe:

Play performances that are engineered to replicate the original setting of the Shakespeare’s Globe. The theatre had no spotlights, and actors staged plays during daylight hours and evenings, using interior floodlights. There was also no use of amplifiers, microphones, and speakers. Also, music performances are live, mostly on period instruments and. Additionally, actors and audience get to see and interact closely, giving a shared experience and a community event.

Generally, the performances have been so much of experimentation of the original theatre conditions in the 1599 Globe. That has been achieving. Many people come to experience the original playing conditions. The Globe is a significant revenue-generating project because it generates around £24 million annual revenue.

Close to the main theatre, there is the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, an indoor acting arena, taking the model of the Jacobean-era theatre. It hosts performances during the winter months because the main theatre cannot be used during the chilly season. Other than the Shakespearean classics, audiences also enjoy contemporary playwright’s works in the Shakespeare’s Globe and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Additionally, the Globe act as a production venue where plays are filmed and produced on DVDs. The performances are also accessible through a video-on-demand service called Globe Player, enabling the viewers to watch the plays on mobile devices and laptops.

When in London, the Shakespeare Globe is one attraction you do not miss to visit. Also, check out other great attractions, like the Somerset House.

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