Seven Dials, London

This attraction site is located in the London Borough of Camden, England. The Borough of Camden is known to be the inner Borough of London; it has a population of about 262,226 inhabitants. Seven Dials is actually a road junction in the St Giles districts, and the junction is close to Convent Garden in the west end of London.  Seven streets converge at a circular junction hence the name Seven Dials. There several other attraction sites in Borough of Camden, they include Roundhouse, Jewish Museum London, and Amy Winehouse Statue. Shaftesbury PLC owns the Seven Dials.

History of Seven Dials, London

The construction of Seven Dials began in 1690. Thomas Neale designed the initial layout plan of Seven Dials, and it is also believed the original plan had only six roads converging but was later increased to seven. A sundial column was also built with only six faces, and the column acted as the gnomon of the seventh dial. The place has become a rundown area massively populated by immigrants. Only two houses remain from the original Thomas Neale development today. And also, today, Seven Dials is made up of Mercer Street, Short Gardens, Earlham Street, and Monmouth Street.

Attraction sites near or in Seven Dials, London

  • Neals Yard is a narrow path often reserved for passengers which runs between the buildings in the City. It was named after the 17th-century developer Thomas Neale.
  • London Transport Museum, this Museum was opened in 1980, and Princess Anne opened it.
  • You can drop into popular shops, including Astrid $ Miyu, Skinny Dip, and Rains.
  • Telephone Boxers.
  • Gardening Club.
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Old Compton street
  • Neal Street, there are various this to see in this street, for instance, their several production firms.
  • Pineapple Dance Studios. This is a dance studio. If your hobby is dancing, you can join a class. The prices are relatively affordable. For instance, you can pay £6-£8 per class.

Activities are done in Seven Dials, London.

  • Religious activities can be carried in this place; there are several churches like St. Martin-In-The-Field and St. James Church. This aids religious movement.
  • Sports Activities.
  • Shopping activities in Seven Dials, there are numerous shops in this place.
  1. You can upgrade your eyewear at Spex in the City
  2. .In need of a bag? You can select up a brand new bag from the Nappa Dori shop.
  3. You get your desired Footwear from Birkenstock, where fashion footwear.
  4. Do you love jewelry? Get one handmade jewelry from Tatty Devine, which is an independent London Company.
  • Restaurants and bars, Seven dials is a place full of exciting cuisine from all over the world with highly trained chefs. Some pub and restaurants include
  1. The crown is a traditional English pub bar.
  2. You can also get a fine British Cheese from Neals Yard Dairy
  3. Do you love pizza? Visit Rossopomodoro and get Neapolitan Pizza and Pasta
  • You can book and stay in one of the numerous Luxury boutique hotels. Some of the top and 5-star hotels in Seven Dials are;
  1. Henrietta Hotel, this is a Convent Garden.
  2. Seven Dials Hotel. This hotel is situated not far from the most famous London attraction site and theatres.
  3. Mercer Street Hotel

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