3 Famous Saturday Market Hopping Spots in London

London markets are the best in the world. London Saturdays may never be complete without scoffing at street food and strolling around the various markets each at a time. That is what makes London Saturdays worth the time. These markets were established many years ago and are still running and even better.

There is a variety of Saturday markets in London designed to suit different tastes. You may be an enthusiast about street food, while art enthusiasts may suit someone else. This article reveals the top Saturday markets in London that you may have to visit soon.

  1. Borough Market, London Bridge

Borough Market is one of the biggest markets in London. It is worth the praises since you may not have to experience crowds and big queues; it has great market stalls that you can walk around as you find out what they offer before you opt to spend on your preferred items. Thus, before you could purchase a few items, it would be nice if you walked around to view the various offer on the different market stalls and laneways. You can even spend as little as £1 on nice bread and various snacks. Thus, borough market London is your best destination even if you are on a tight budget.

  1. Maltby Street Market, Bermondsey

You probably want to visit a market that offers the best food. Maltby Street Market is your favorite choice for glorious food. This market is known for its appetizing food. Most visitors have confirmed that it is not their first time to visit this market. However, the setting of this market’s laneway is quite unusual. The stalls are huge enough, and the food outlets are ever aromatic.

  1. Broadway Market, Hackney, East London

If you love food and craft, then this is the right Saturday market for you. On Saturdays, the Broadway Market brings the best food and crafted items in the huge stalls lined up on the main high street. However, during the weekdays, you can have drinks in pubs and cafes. Besides, if you want to enjoy some nice foodie things, head to the Broadway Market in the morning. Grab your gourmet grub and go to the London Field to have your sip at a public park. Those that love craft beers can have some from the Cat and Mutton-the local boozer.


Saturday markets in London are the best to attend if you want to have the4 best shopping and eat-out experience. You can buy some food, handcrafted items, beer, coffee, and various household items from the Saturday markets. You can choose to visit any of the above Saturday markets in London. Your choices would be Broadway Market, Borough Market, and Maltby Street Markets are your best pick if you intend to go on a Saturday shopping spree. London has got your back when it comes to Saturday market spots. You will always have a nice spot to shop for food, drinks, and antiques.

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