Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, Bournemouth

Russel Cotes is easily one of the most beguiling historical houses in England. It was the home of two Victorian Collectors and travel enthusiasts. Lady Annie Russell-Cotes, and Sir Merton. Architect John Fredrick Fogerty was commissioned to build a house as a birthday present for Annie. It was originally known as the East Cliff Hall and was built in the northeast section of the hotel.

In 1907 the East Cliff Hall was donated by Annie Russell and all its content as a museum to the town of Bournemouth. The house displays the new annexe display with different items that were collected during the foreign travels of Sir Merton. These include paintings from his collection. There is also one room dedicated to Sir Henry Irving one of Russell- Cotes’ friends.

Exhibitions are held twice yearly and comprise mainly of contemporary art and support works from the main collection. You will not be short of fun when you visit as the new annexe features a restaurant and a play area for kids. The old annexe features an old art gallery that displays a different collection of pictures and statues.

Attractions in Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum

  • Garden. The garden of East Cliff Hall came about initially as a private space for Merton and his family. The beautiful garden showcases how he tried to create a “tropical’ garden. The garden is composed of wild dunes and is a spectacle that any garden lover would marvel at. Originally the garden was filled with marble and bronze sculptures. However, you can still get to see the Japanese garden, gold-fish ponds, bridges and fountains.
  • Galleries. If you want to get amazed by the stunning artwork on display at the Russell Cotes, then a visit would not harm you. This amazing artwork presents an out of this world experience as you get to see the detail that went into the crafting of these pieces. Get to learn of the captivating history behind every gallery on display as you dive deeper into the Russell-Cotes’ world.
  • Cafe. They offer outdoor catering on their beautiful terraces. These offer stunning views overlooking the sea. They offer a different variety of dishes and you can be sure that all your dietary needs will be sorted after an eventful day.
  • Gift shop. The gift shop offers a chance for visitors that might be interested in purchasing some of the art. You can order online with every print made according to your specifications.

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