Robin Hood Tour, Nottingham

Robin Hood is a heroic outcast that robbed the rich and gave what he stole to the poor. Robin Hood is synonymously associated with Nottingham as in the legendary tales, Robin Hood battled constantly with his enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham. It is also said that he escaped from castle gaol more than once.

There are numerous Robin Hood attractions in Nottingham that you can visit all over the city. some will offer immersive experiences and the best way to find out is by making a trip to this historic city. Robin Hood was famous for fighting battles and protecting the villages against corrupt noblemen. The question of whether Robin Hood was real is always asked the only evidence of his existence is probably the several theories surrounding him.

Many legendary tales have placed Robin Hood in Nottingham and hence the strong connection to the city. There are so many places in Nottingham that are associated with Robin Hood. After a visit, you can buy some souvenirs.

Robin Hood Tour locations in Nottingham

  • Robin Hood walk trail. There are close to 12 Robin Hood Trail signs in Nottingham that will pass you through some of the best locations. The trail begins at Nottingham Castle and takes you along Castle Gate eventually ending at St Mary’s Church. Here you learn about Robin Hood’s life and understand some of the tales associated with the landmarks.
  • Robin Hood Statue. This is probably what sets Nottingham apart. No visit would be complete without visiting the statue. The statue makes for a great picture and is easily the most photographed landmark in the whole of Nottingham. Castle Lawn has several statues and plaques that are associated with Robin Hood’s merry men. However, the statue sometimes faces vandalism with people stealing the arrow and selling it to the black market.
  • Nottingham castle and caves. Ronin Hood was famous for breaking into Nottingham Castle. some say he was jailed here and escaped and returned to save his merry men. A guided tour through the caves would be enough to get you to see the tunnels he used to escape.
  • The Robin Hood experience. If you are interested in finding more about Robin Hood, then you should check the Robin Hood Experience that is next to the Castle. The Museum has some fun-filled events where you put yourself in Robin Hood’s shoes. You get to have fun aiming a bow and arrow and other events. This is a very immersive experience to help you learn more.

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