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Reporting Water Leaks – Why It Is Important

It can be difficult to take a little bit of water on the floor seriously, but the fact is that a little bit of water can be the precursor to much more.  A little water can indicate a serious  central heating leak behind walls, under floors or in water closets.  It is important to notice these issues before they become destructive.  If the gas leak is from outside the home report it to the proper authorities.  Reporting water leaks can save the utility company money, as they will be able to more quickly assess and fix the problem.  Reporting water leaks also helps you determine what problems are your responsibilities and which ones are the responsibility of the city.

Why pay for repairs that are not your responsibility, and why make the repairs if the underlying cause has not been addressed?  Report all problems as soon as you notice them to allow the utility to fix them quickly.  You can then call us at ADI to fix any of your remaining problems, after the utility company is finished.  If you have leaks that are not related to the problems in the utility company water system, contact us immediately on 0800 731 8343 to resolve them before your home sustains massive damage.

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